arduino uno kit with sensors



Arduino Basic kit includes

1-Arduino Uno   smd

2-Bread Board

3-leds ,Resistors ,buzzer

4-Flame sensor


6-Ultrasonic sensor

7-Sound Sensor

8-Rain and water sensor

9-Human detection sensor (PIR)

10-9v small battery

11-servo motor

12-dc motor

13-lcd with i2c module

14-7805 regulator   ,555 timer ic

15- Motor driver (l298)

16-bc547 transistors (4)

17-jumper wires

18-push buttons

19- dc motor small


21-ldr sensor

you can make        fire alarm  project ,human detection project ,obsticle detection project , arduino based calculator ,  speed control of dc motor , rain detection project ,      sound detection project , pasword based door open and close ,      dancing leds ,police siran , water level indicator , night switch(day and night detection)  etc


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