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  • Here are some useful links on the documentation for this Heart Rate Module:
  • MAX30102 is an integrated module of heart rate monitor biosensor. It integrates a red LED with an infrared LED, a photoelectric detector, an optical device, and a low noise electronic circuit with ambient light suppression..
  • MAX30102 uses a 1.8V power supply and an independent 5.0V power supply for internal LED. It is used in wearable equipment for heart rate and blood oxygen acquisition and detection. It is worn on fingers, earlobes and wrists..
  • The standard I2C compatible communication interface can transmit the collected data to Arduino, KL25Z and other microcontrollers for heart rate and blood oxygen calculation;In addition, the chip can turn off the module by software, and the standby current is close to zero, so that the power supply can always maintain the power supply state. Because of its excellent performance..
  • The chip has been widely used in some mobile phones of some brands. Compared with the previous product MAX30100 , MAX30102 integrated glass cover, which can effectively eliminate external and internal light interference, with the best reliable performance..


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