s7-200 plc cpu 221


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s7-200 cpu 221 original  version is available  its 2nd hand in good condition

it can be easily interface with scada system

Part Name: SIMATIC S7-200 PLC

inputs =  6 DI DC

outputs =4 DO DC

Storage: 4 KB program 2 KB data


The S7-200 series of small PLCs (Micro PLCs) can be used in a variety of automation systems. The compact construction, low cost and powerful instruction sets make the S7-200 PLC an ideal solution for a wide range of small control tasks. The variety of S7-200 products and Windows-based programming tools give you more flexibility in your automation tasks.

The user program of the S7-200 includes bit logic, counters, timers, complex math operations, and communication with other intelligent modules, so that it can monitor the input state and change the output state for control purposes. The compact structure, flexible configuration and powerful instruction set make the S7-200 an ideal solution for a wide range of control applications.



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