TTP229 16 Keys Capacitive Touch Keypad Module in Pakistan






TTP229 Capacitive Touch Module is can replace conventional 4×4 keypad with a touch based keypad. The module has two working modes. A 8 key mode that provides a independent 8 channel output or a 16 key mode that can be used with the I2C interface of the module, there by saving even more pins and connections on the application Arduino or Microcontroller board.Sensitivity can be adjusted by the capacitance(1~50pF) outside.
Onboard TTP229 capacitive touch sensing IC
16 Keys
Onboard power indicator
Working voltage: 2.4V-5.5V
Module can set output mode : key output mode, output time, low power choice
Color: Blue
Weight: 5g
Dimensions: 65 x 50mm
Built-in regulator with external enable / disable option
Operating current at VDD=3V no load, low power mode = 2.5uA, fast mode = 9.0uA
response time 100mS in fast mode and 200mS in low power mode
TTP224 response time 60mS in fast mode and 160mS in low power mode
TTP224N Sensitivity can be adjusted by capacitance (0~50pF) for each touch pad
Fast mode and Low Power mode selection by pad option (LPMB pin)
Active high or active low by pad option (TOG/OD/AHLB pin).
2 output pins TPQ0D and TPQ2D that have no diode protection, active low
maximum on time 120sec or 64sec or 16sec or infinite by pad option (MOT1, MOT0 pin)


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