2 Digit Object Counter Circuit Diagram using IC 555 & LM358



This is object conuter project   demo on bread baord


      1. LM358 IC – 1
      2. 555 timer IC -1
      3. Voltage Regulator 7805 -1
      4. 150 Ohm – 2
      5. CD4033 -2
      6. 10K resistor -2
      7. 100K resistor -1
      8. 10K POT -1
      9. 220uF capacitor -1
      10. IR sensors-1
      11. Bread board-1
      12. 9 Volt Battery -1
      13. Battery Connector-1
      14. LED -2

The circuit diagram of object counter is quite similar to my previous project  but a little complex . In this circuit we have used a comparator (IC LM358) and  pair for detecting a object. And then we have used a 555 to generate a pulse for triggering the seven segment decoder (CD4033) and two common cathode  are connected with 7 segment decoder IC. 555 timer IC is configured in mono-stable mode for generating pulse. A LM7805 Voltage regulator is used for providing constant 5 volt power supply for the circuit. And a 9 volt battery used for powering the whole circuit.


In this circuit we detects object by using IR sensor and comparator and then we applied output of comparator to mono-stable multi-vibrator. This mono-stable multi-vibrator generates a pulse of fix time period which can be set by using given formula.



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