Arduino nano in pakistan


The Arduino Nano is a small, complete, and breadboard-friendly board based on the ATmega328P; offers the same connectivity and specs of the UNO board in a smaller form factor.



  • It comes with an operating voltage of 5V, however, the input voltage can vary from 7 to 12V.
  • Arduino Nano Pinout contains 14 digital pins, 8 analog Pins, 2 Reset Pins & 6 Power Pins.
  • Each of these Digital & Analog Pins are assigned with multiple functions but their main function is to be configured as input or output.
  • They are acted as input pins when they are interfaced with sensors, but if you are driving some load then use them as output.
  • Functions like pinMode() and digitalWrite()  are used to control the operations of digital pins while analogRead() is used to control analog pins.
  • The analog pins come with a total resolution of 10bits which measure the value from zero to 5V.
  • Arduino Nano comes with a crystal oscillator of frequency 16 MHz. It is used to produce a clock of precise frequency using constant voltage.
  • There is one limitation using Arduino Nano i.e. it doesn’t come with DC power jack, means you can not supply external power source through a battery.
  • This board doesn’t use standard USB for connection with a computer, instead, it comes with Mini USB support.
  • Tiny size and breadboard friendly nature make this device an ideal choice for most of the applications where a size of the electronic components are of great concern.
  • Flash memory is 16KB or 32KB that all depends on the Atmega board i.e Atmega168 comes with 16KB of flash memory while Atmega328 comes with a flash memory of 32KB. Flash memory is used for storing code. The 2KB of memory out of total flash memory is used for a bootloader.


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