Electronic Speed Control ESC 30 Amp with Bullet Connector in Pakistan



  1. it has safe startup mode in that mode firstly we have to switch on the power, SC won’t is started any matter throttle rocker st which positions, safe and reliable.
  2. when we inputting fewer volts than the set value, then (ESC) Electronic Speed Control will reduce or shut down the output automatically. this feature protects the battery effectively.
  3. it also self-protecting in high volts. this 30A Speed Controller emits a warning tone and after that, it will stop working.
  4. it is also over-temperature protecting because when the temperature goes 100-celsius degree. the ESC will reduce the output power. and this feature protects ESC effectively.
  5. it has Li-xx (Li-ion or Li-poly) / (NiMh or NiCd)
  6. it has normal/soft/ super-soft startup mode. but its default start-up mode is a normal startup.
  7. it will be settable and compatible with all transmitters.
  8. if the signal lost in normal use, the ESC would shut down output, this will prevent the loss caused bt lost control.


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