ESP 8266





The ESP8266 ESP-01 is a Wi-Fi module that permits microcontrollers access to a Wi-Fi arrange. This module is an independent SOC (System on a Chip) that doesn’t really require a microcontroller to control information sources and yields as you would typically do with an Arduino, for instance, in light of the fact that the ESP-01 goes about as a little PC. Contingent upon the rendition of the ESP8266, it is conceivable to have up to 9 GPIOs (General Purpose Input Output). Along these lines, we can give a microcontroller web get to like the Wi-Fi shield does to the Arduino, or we can basically program the ESP8266 to not just approach a Wi-Fi arrange, yet to go about as a microcontroller too. This makes the ESP8266 flexible, and it can spare you some cash and space in your tasks.


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