Night Vision 5MP Camera Module for Raspberry pi



RPI NOIR camera board is suitable for shooting an infrared picture or shooting in low light conditions. It can be connected directly to the Raspberry Pi’s CSI connector. The latest v1.3 can provide high-resolution 5MP resolution images, or 30fps, 1080p HD video. It was designed by British Raspberry Pi Foundation and manufactured panel with a 5MP (2592 × 1944 pixels) OminiVision 5647 fixed-focus sensor module which serial interface (CSI) through a dedicated 15-pin MIPI camera and 15-pin ribbon cable to connect to the Raspberry Pi. CSI bus can be extremely high data transfer rates, and specifically for transferring pixel data to the BCM2835 processor.


  1. No IR filter for low light conditions
  2. Fully compatible with A and B Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi
  3. 1.4μm X 1.4μm pixel technology available to a very high performance and OmniBSI
  4. The optical dimensions of 1/4 inch
  5. Automatic image control functions
  6. Programmable frame rate control
  7. 32bytes embedded single-times programmable (OTP) memory
  8. Digital video port (DVP) parallel output interface
  9. Size 20mm x 25mm x 9mm
  10. Fully compatible with ModMyPi Raspberry Pi chassis


  1. Silicon Manufacturer: Broadcom
  2.  Core Architecture: ARM
  3.  Core Sub-Architecture: ARM1176JZF-S
  4.  Silicon Core Number: BCM2835
  5.  Silicon Family Name: BCM2xxx
  6.  For: Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi
  7.  Kit includes: Raspberry Pi Noir camera board


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