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LM35 LM35DZ Temperature Sensor in Pakistan LM35 is an analog temperature sensor. The temperature is determined by measuring the output voltage of the LM35.The LM35 sensor is a high precision integrated thermoelectric sensor whose output voltage is linearly proportional to Temperature in degrees Celsius. The LM35 sensor is a precision sensor, manufactured by National Semiconductor, which displays a linear voltage output relative to the temperature it is in when it is powered by a voltage of 4-20Vdc and GND, having at its output a signal of 10mV for each Celsius Degree of temperature.

The LM35 does not require any external calibration or trimming to accurately provide temperature values ​​with variations of ¼ ° C or even ¾ ° C within the temperature range of -55 ° C to 150 ° C. This sensor has output with low impedance, linear voltage and precise inherent calibration, making the reading interface specifically simple, making the entire system less costly. This sensor can be fed with simple or symmetrical power, depending on what you want as an output signal, but regardless of that, the output will continue to be 10mV / ºC. It drains only 60μA for these feeds, so its self-heating is approximately 0.1ºC outdoors.

The LM35 sensor is presented with several types of encapsulations, the most common being the TO-92, which looks more like a transistor, and offers a great cost-benefit ratio, being the cheapest of the models and providing the same precision of the others. The great diversity of encapsulations is due to the high range of applications of this integrated.

Some key parameters of the LM35:
Main features of LM35 sensor
+ Input voltage from 4V to 30V
+ Output voltage resolution is 10mV / oC
+ High accuracy at 25 C is 0.5 C
+ Low output impedance 0.1 for 1mA load

The measured temperature range of the LM35 is from -55 C to 150 C with different output voltages. Consider the following voltage levels:
– Temperature -55 C output voltage -550mV
– Temperature 25 C output voltage 250mV
– Temperature 150 C output voltage 1500mV


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