veroboard dot type (small)




They are generally referred to as the Dot board or Vero board in the market. The setup is simple; the DIY PCB board consists of evenly placed standard 1mm or a custom diameter holes with solder or copper pads to solder the components to it. The holes align with standard pin spacing to accommodate the components. The interconnections are done through jumper wires or solder bridges. Sometimes flexible multi-strand cables are used to make the interconnections.


The board itself comes in several variants and different sizes. Despite the more common dot boards, there are copper line DIY PCB boards which have a straight copper traces running across the board covering a single row of holes. This acts much like a breadboard but with a more significant number on interconnected voids. This DIY PCB board is use full in IC based circuit assembly and digital circuit construction where lots of straight pins to pin connection is needed.


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