Arduino Motor Driver Shield L293D




beginners, experimental equipment platform, interactive electronics, robotics.


multi-function, easy to operate, have powerful drive library support and feature updates.

Disadvantages: I / O occupy more drive Quad motor case (relative I / O less version), a small power.

4-channel DC motor drives, stepper motor or 2 while driving two servos, support for the latest UNO Mega 2560
You can mix:
DC motor driver quad and two steering gear
Drive two DC motor and stepper motor all the way and two-way steering gear
Drive two stepper motors and two servos

Is a good entry-electronic production, with motor expansion board can be a good robot development platform. Here a motor can drive a variety of simple to a slightly complex projects full function expansion board.
This is a common DC motor drive module, 293D the chip small current DC motor driver chips. The pin is made of the Arduino compatible, but also facilitate enthusiasts based development.

Spects :

* 2 5V servo motor (Servo) port coupled to the high-resolution high-precision timer – no jitter!
* Up to 4 bi-directional DC motor and 4-channel PWM speed (about 0.5% resolution)
* Up to 2 stepper motor control, single / double step control, staggered or micro-step rotation angle control.
* 4 H-bridge: the L293D chip to provide road and bridge .0.6 A (peak 1.2A) current and with a thermal power protection 4.5V to 36V.
* The pull-down resistors guarantee on the electric motor remains stopped.
* Large terminal terminals to make wiring easier (10 – 22AWG) and power.
* With a reset button.
* 2 large terminal external power terminals to ensure that logic and motor-driven power separation.
* Compatible with Mega, Diecimila, & Duemilanove.
* To provide a full range of spare parts available would like to do-it-yourself enthusiasts DIY.


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