Atmel AT89C51 Microcontroller in Pakistan






Atmel AT89C51 Microcontroller is an 8-bit microcontroller. it belongs to Atmel’s 8051 families. It has 4 KB of flash and this flash is programmable. It has 128 bytes of RAM.  We can be erased and program the flash almost 1000 times.  In 40 pin Atmel 89C51 IC there are four ports as P1, P2, P3, P0. All ports are 8 bit bidirectional. These ports used as input and output ports. It is connected to external memory, P0 needs pull-ups resistance. P0 and P2 are used to provide low byte and high byte addresses.AT89C51 has serial communication with built-in UART. it has also different baud rate and it can be programmed according to it. it has two timers. It also has hardware interrupts. Total it has 6 interrupts.




High voltage capable = no

Maximum operating  voltage of ATmel= 5.5V

Minimum Operating Voltage of AT89C51 = 4V

Maximum operating Temperature of Microcontroller  = -55C to 125C

Number of UART module Atmel Microcontroller = 1

Number of 16-bit Timers of Atmel AT89C51 Microcontroller = 2

Number of comparators = 2

Maximum CPU Speed = 24

RAM capacity = 128

Program Memory Size = 4K Flash

Architecture = 8051

CPU = 8 bits 8051

Specifications of Atmel AT89C51:


It is used in Arduino.

4KB Flash Bytes

8 bit CPU

6.6 Maximum Operating Voltage

0 to 24 Hz Maximum Oscillating frequency

128 x 8 bit internal RAM

32 lines of I/O

Two counters of 16 Bits


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